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Events at Oakland City Center

Big B and His Snakeoil Saviors

Whether uptown swing or downtown boogie is your thing, Big B and his Snakeoil Saviors are just what the Big B and his Snakeoil Saviorsdoctor ordered. The 8 piece band is inspired by the classic swing and jump bands of the 40’s and 50’s with their dancer-friendly party music that became the bridge between the eras of the big band and rock and roll. The sound of the swing and shuffle beats, the horn section, the hot boogie-woogie piano, all combined with the western/Hawaiian steel guitar are what gives Big B and his Snakeoil Saviors their uniquely West Coast sound.

Big B and his Snakeoil Savior's sound starts with the combination of the driving boogie woogie piano of Jennifer Jolly, the hard swinging drums of Mike Burns, and the always-in-the-pocket upright bass work of Mark Petrella. Add to that the sound of steel guitar virtuoso David Phillips and bandleader Ben “Big B” Buettner on guitar, and you’ve got a combo that sets up a groove that you can’t help but dance to. To round it out, John Halbleib (trumpet) and Brian Campbell (sax, clarinet) lock in as the Snakeoil horn section. Big B is joined on vocals by the sassy chanteuse Adrienne “lil’ A” Pfeiffer for much of the set making Big B and his Snakeoil Saviors a favorite from the ballroom to the barroom.