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Hot Einstein

Purveyors of fine music and good times....from Elvis to OutKast, all killer -- no filler.Hot Einstein

Formed on tax day, 2011, Hot Einstein is the result of five musical personalities pushing each other to new creative heights. Gathering influences far and wide—from vintage Bow to King Curtis to Nina Simone to Led Zeppelin—Hot Einstein began with Matt Berkeley’s primordial urge to form a rock and roll band. He states: “We feel that Rock has strayed to far from its roots in rhythm and blues, as Nick Lowe said…it lost the Roll somewhere along the line.”

 From backyard BBQs to the East Coast and back, Hot Einstein eventually set up residence at Oakland’s Disco Volante, working out their original material and classics by Booker T. & the MGs, Talking Heads, the Pretenders, and D’Angelo. “We learned so many covers not to be a cover band, per se, but to feel like a legitimate BAND that knows how to play together, and has repertoire beyond a handful of original songs. The Beatles and the Heartbreakers weren't above playing covers, so why the hell should we be?
Produced by Matt Berkeley and Joe Bagale, Hot Einstein’s eponymous debut album was recorded at Richmond, California’s Bird and Egg Studios. “Hot Einstein is a well-crafted, nostalgic rock band whose members traffic in forms of the Seventies, albeit in winking way. Tambourine, vintage keyboards, and family-band-style vocal harmonies feature prominently on several songs” (East Bay Express) The album gracefully spans rootsy acoustic genres, electronic and groove elements, and, of course, good old-fashioned rock and roll.